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Windows Process Hangs Around

crussocrusso Posts: 15 Resident

Issue: Windows process hangs around when an AWE times out.

Setup: I've built a fairly straight-forward event rule to call 7 AWEs that I want to finish within a 2-hour period. The first AWE called is what I term a "prefix", which pulls files in from the client. The remaining 6 AWEs are all downstream clients that need copies of the files. This event rule setup includes related logic within each AWE to allow that AWE to gracefully fail in certain situations, allowing the other AWEs to run--e.g., when 1 client is performing server maintenance, the other clients will still get their files. This has worked remarkably well up until a few weeks ago.

Issue Scenario: What has happened recently is that many more files are being retrieved by the prefix. And of the 6 downstream client AWEs, 1 of these is really slow in sending the files to the client and has been reaching it's timeout setting of 3,500 seconds.

My thought is that the Windows process associated with the AWE ends gracefully when the timeout is reached, yet never relays that information down to the event rule so that event rule continues to wait for a response. I don't get any notification of an issue and don't know to investigate unless a customer complains.

Question To You: Have you ever experienced this and/or come up with a solution? Do you know if this is a bug that can be attributed to the integration of the Automate product?

Failed Solutions: I've thought of taking off the setting to terminate after 3500 seconds. When I tried this I ran into issues where the original event rule that was running clashed with the second instance of the event rule that kicked off 2 hours later. I also tried putting all of the AWES within a single AWE and ran into the same issue where AWE didn't finish in time before the 2nd event rule kicked off.

Successful Solution: My eventual solution was to remove the slow AWE from the event rule and place it in it's own event rule, and then increasing the AWE timeout to 7,000 seconds. I'm not fond of this solution for clarity reasons. My idea of an ideal solution would be to gracefully stop sending files to the client after a certain period of time transpires.


  • JBrandonJBrandon Posts: 10 Resident

    I've not setup anything so complex. Did you ever find out an ideal solution?

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