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EFT Insight?

crussocrusso Posts: 15 Resident

Has anyone installed the new EFT Insight yet? And if so, what do you think of it?

We're holding off purchasing/installing until it includes AWE functionality. And this won't be added until an upgraded version of Automate is incorporated into EFT.


  • kkoponenkkoponen Posts: 6 Resident

    Have you received any hints when we might see an upgraded Automate in EFT? I'd certainly like to see it.

  • crussocrusso Posts: 15 Resident

    The last I heard was Q4 of this year, or perhaps Q1 of 2018. I requested an update over a month ago from Jay O'Shaughnessy and haven't heard back.

  • crussocrusso Posts: 15 Resident

    I just had a meeting with our sales rep, Jay O'Shaughnessy. The anticipated release of the new EFT with Automate 10 is the end of Q1 or the very beginning of Q2 of 2018. My impression was that this release period was firming up, as compared to last year when things were still pretty fuzzy.

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