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Event Rule not working as expected

TRayfordTRayford Posts: 1 Newbie

I created an event rule that encrypts the data and then moves the original file to another and deletes the encrypted file once done sending. It's not sending or deleting the encrypted file. I am getting an upload code of 2000, I can connect to the server using filezilla with not problems.

In the Event Rule detail reports I see the following error message Action:EncryptL Keylist BBB76148;;sourcepath:;resultpath: failed

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.



  • SVassalloSVassallo Posts: 6 Newbie

    Is it possible your rule uses a wildcard that references the original file name before it was encrypted? Not sure if your file name is changing.. but just a thought

  • jhulmejhulme Posts: 5 mod

    Could help if you had a screenshot of the event rule. As svassallo mentioned it could just be improper formatting of variables, etc.

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