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Decompress option under Event Rules

SVassalloSVassallo Posts: 6 Newbie

Quick question on the Decompress option in Event rules. When downloading a ZIP files from an SFTP site, I want to add a decompress step to unzip it. Problem is, no matter what I put in, it never unzips. I have to resort to creating a generic unzip AWE and use that. Anyone have an idea how I work the Source and destination in my Decompress to make this work?


  • jhulmejhulme Posts: 5 mod

    This worked fine for me:

    It should work with wildcards too.

    If you need more context variables you could create a folder monitor rule that monitors the destination folder and does the decompress in that rule.

  • SVassalloSVassallo Posts: 6 Newbie

    It doesnt work with wildcards.. If you try and put a wildcard for the Testing.zip like *.zip you will get an error saying you need to specify a name of the file and not use wildcards:

  • RLa FlammeRLa Flamme Posts: 2 Newbie

    I have always been told that you have to check the box "If the action failed the Stop processing this rule" if you are dependent on the action to performed BEFORE it executes the next 'action" So in this case you want to make sure that the download is completed before the decompress. By clicking the Stop processing this rule will make the event wait until that step is either successful or not....

  • SVassalloSVassallo Posts: 6 Newbie

    Bumping this up.. Decompress still doesnt work for me in Event Rules. Has anyone gotten this to work successfully? The above example by JHumle works but we are specifiying a file name in the rule. If you put a variable in there it never works.

  • cjirkacjirka Posts: 6 Resident

    Here are the broad strokes of how I work around wildcard decompress of zip files.
    I created a Decompress subroutine. It gets the path passed in as source path.
    In the subroutine I call an embedded PowerShell to get a list of files & output to .csv.
    Read in the .csv, looping through the contents passing the file name to the event rule decompress action.
    Delete csv file.

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