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'Endurance' option uploads renamed on arrival

SLawSLaw Posts: 1 Newbie

Hi, a customer uploading to us has suddenly enabled an option, called Endurance in winscp, so files are now being uploaded with an extension .mft_tmp and being renamed after they arrive. This is breaking numerous folder monitor rules.
Many of our rules accept files and then activate when a trigger file is uploaded as the last file so our rules need a 'if file uploaded and file name is z.trig' condition. But the Globalscape workaround only details a workaround for any files arriving, see here using the %.FS.DST_FILE_NAME% variable:

How do I construct a rule condition that says 'If file is renamed and renamed filename = z.trig' ?



  • cjirkacjirka Posts: 6 Resident

    The work around we use is a "File Renamed" event rule. Then you can set your condition to check for the match you're looking for.

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